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Warfare 1917

> Warfare 1917
Warfare 1917

Choose your campaign
Select a side to lead into your Warfare campaign!
Each army has it's own strengths and weaknesses as well as specialty units available.

Britsh Army
During the first world war, Britsh Army was kwon for it's keen use of Artilerry and pioneering of the Tank. Always pushing forwards he Britsh Army took on an offensive doctrine, while this lead to the deaths of many, gorund gained was all important goal.

German Army
Kown for their hardy infantry and Sturmtruppen the German Army of 1917 were fierce fighting force.Taking a defensive stance on lands that they had gained through occupation, the German Army's strategy was much more suited to trench warfare.

After you choose the team you must click the Lauch Game button. When you click that button, game starts. War has come! Are you ready to fight soldier!
Note: Use your mouse to control your units. Have fun.
Note2: Click on the soldier picture in the left column to create a unit.In a few seconds your troops will be attacked.

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